Gumption Academy

Providing STEAM Training for K-12 & Co-operation
01 / About Us

Making STEAM approachable is our mission

Gumption Academy is a Hong Kong-based EdTech start-up, STEAM Innovations, is revolutionizing education for K-12 and university students, as well as corporate entities. Leveraging an interdisciplinary approach that fuses Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, our programs foster critical thinking, creativity, and innovation, preparing participants for a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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02 / Past STEAM Workshop and Training

We provide interesting and practical STEAM workshops and Training to K-12 and Co-operation

STEAM Innovations offers cutting-edge workshops and training in Web3, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things. Our comprehensive courses, taught by industry experts, provide hands-on learning experiences that demystify these advanced technologies. We aim to equip students and professionals alike with the skills needed to excel in the future of digital innovation.

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STEAM Technologies

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Focus on
hands-on and practical outcomes

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STEAM Skills

03 / Contact

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